Good Photos, Bad Photos: The value of a quality photographer

Finding a photographer in Bellingham is like finding a cup of coffee, there’s one every 15 feet or so. Finding a good one, though, that comes with experience…

We just wrapped up a couple ads for longtime Baron & Co client Chmelik Sitkin & Davis. The downtown law firm has been around for a while (since the early ’80s) and have a very well-established clientèle. Our most recent work consisted of announcing their most recently appointed principal, Michelle Losie, as well as the recognition of Frank Chmelik and Jon Sitkin by the Super Lawyer program (a group made up of only 5% of all Washington State attorneys).

Creating ads for the firm is always a pleasure and a great opportunity to show that a law firm ad can actually be created without the use of Olan Mills-style photos, stock photography or the photo the lawyer’s secretary snapped with her personal camera. There are far too many examples of low-cost photography being used to represent what should be perceived as a very professional, respectable business. Case in point:

Great example of how NOT to shoot your lawyer ad photos

Or this…

To present the Chmelik Sitkin & Davis firm on the same level of professionalism they’ve become known for, we needed some very high quality photos. Thankfully, we’ve done enough work to know some great photographers. For this shoot, we went with local photographer Gabe Rodriguez.

The end result? A happy client and an updated look and feel for the firm’s ads. Here’s the final product…


~ by Ryan on May 12, 2008.

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